As your baby grows, they begin to smile more and more, learn to sit, begin crawling, and finally walk. What can be more beautiful?! I highly recommend to my clients not to miss such moments and do a photo session around 4-6 months. At that age babies show some of the most beautiful smiles.

The next step is first birthday! First birthday party, maybe first cake and a lot of presents! I do offer birthday portrait session in my studio. But in summer time it is amazing to get out and do it outdoors! Specially here in South Korea. We can work with any of your ideas/themes. My studio has a lot of balloons and decorations and I always make new ones if need for the theme. For this portrait session we do not smash the cakes!

If you missed your milestone pictures or first birthday portraits, do not worry! I am always here to make beautiful portraits for your kids!  You can reach out to me anytime and we will plan your kid’s portrait session! There is never a wrong time to take beautiful pictures of your kids. They grow so fast, change so much every year, get bigger and smarter, and find new hobbies and activities. So there is always something interesting to capture in the photos!

 Book your consultation session for any type of session and we will make it happen.