Hello, my name is Jurate. I’m a mom, army wife, sister and daughter, and most important- I’m an artist photographer. I was born and raised in Lithuania. During my childhood, one of my favorite things was going through family photo albums. We also had a film camera. It was my task to take film rolls to photography shops for printing pictures. So I have felt very attracted to photography since I was little. However, at that time I did not think that it could ever become my real job.

Everything changed when I moved to America in 2016. I spent a lot of time traveling with my family in different states. So I had a lot of excellent opportunities for taking interesting pictures. It became a true hobby. Every time I felt like I could make my pictures look slightly better. Then in 2018 I had my first client. Consequently, I started studying at the New York Institute of Photography where I have already completed Professional Photography, Photoshop for photographers courses and Business for Photographers. Also, I became a member of the Professional Photographers Society of New York State for 2019. My work was published in more than 20 different Photographers magazines.

When I work outdoors I use only natural light, which I really love! I use studio light only for sessions in the studio. I love to work with every single client and to catch their natural emotions. As a result, I can try to do everything to make you laugh or wound your natural emotions during the photo shoot. Pictures are memories for the rest of our lives. You have to have the best experience in your session, and this is my job to help you get where. There is nothing like seeing beautiful pictures that you will love forever.

From the beginning I knew that I wanted to focus on newborn and family photography. Working with babies requires exceptional patience. But results are extremely rewarding. When you see amazing pictures with cute little smiles, it gives you the warmest feeling in the world. Your babies stay little just for such a short time, so these memories will be ones of life time! I can honestly say that I am addicted to photography and I will always continue doing my best! 

I will see you in our next session!

Love, Jurate